Zina is a Ukrainian native, who’s first experience in art started at the age of six at the “Dvorets Pionerov” (“The palace for pioneers”) in Dnipropetrovsk. She admired her mentor for introducing her to the variety of techniques and instruments that everyone can use to be creative.

Zina entered medical school in Ukraine, then moved to Germany to pursue her PhD in neuroscience. She would try and fit a new art project in between her career plans and family time, keeping her nights busy with boards and acrylics, canvases and oil pastels.

Currently a scientist in the field of human genetics, Zina is still finding inspiration in misshapen pieces of driftwood, tangled seaweed, and objects as simple as plywood found at the hardware store. Most of her works are analogies that she envisions in natural shapes and lines of wood. By adding color and playing with shades and contrast Zina slowly creates a final composition. She uses simplicity and minimalism in shapes and color just to add some details within these frames. Her paintings are mostly abstract as she likes to see a multitude of forms and interpretations in each piece.

Zina sees art as an escape from the routine, a way to see our world at a different angle, to enjoy and to personalize, to bring the inside out. 

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